10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

In all the 195 countries of the world which ones do you think have the best-looking women?

First, we must clarify something important: women, for the simple fact of being women, are beautiful however they are. They have characteristics that make them unique and unrepeatable, such as the gift of giving life. We will introduce you to the 10 countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

10.Philippines :


The dark-haired beauties of the Philippines for sure fit for most positions in any beauty contest, and it is girls who are not only pretty. But, sweet in nature too.



The British ladies are charming with a different mix of colors and looks. They are considered attractive and elegant, highly educated, and tasteful when it comes to fashion. The UK is one of the leading producers of famous models and celebrities these days.

8.United States of America/Canada:


The USA is also the land of natural beauties, where women are beautiful and precious. In the United States, women are self-confident and independent, friendly and intelligent enough to know how to take care of themselves in regards to health and beauty.

7.Netherlands (Dutch Women):


This Low Country, apart from being one of those with a fairly open mentality, is characterized by possessing precious women. They are tall, athletic and kind. And how they were not going to be like that, if the means of transport that they use more is the bicycle, therefore they are kept in form.



Italy not only has incredibly beautiful women but also is one of the countries responsible for much of the beauty of Latin America as a result of migratory waves. Italian beauty is a product of the geographical position and political domination in imperial times.



Just by saying that it is one of the countries that most Miss Universe has had, you will understand that their women are absolutely beautiful and charming. Voluptuous, with bronzed bodies, beautiful faces, and silky hair: so are the Venezuelans, the second most precious in the world. There are those who dare to say that even opaque the Brazilian, oops!



Turkey tops its country with the most beautiful women in the world. They are photogenic, with beautiful figures and beautiful faces. Also, they are charming and striking!



Russia is known to be home to the best beauties in the world. Blonde and beautiful with piercing blue eyes and well-shaped figures. Smart and confident, they are some of the most intriguing women in the world.



Her complexion and face in general cause envy, and of course, more than a sigh in men. They are always smiling and look proud with their blond hair and bronzed bodies. If you want to appreciate the best of this beauty, we recommend visiting the capital, Kiev,


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Exotic and sexy: this is how we could best define the beauty of Brazilians. Extroverted women, voluptuous and cheerful, and you know what is the best? You can find them with very varied attributes because in Brazil the ethnic and cultural mix is impressive.


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10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women