Dad Responds To Rude Note from Principal about Family Vacation and It Goes Viral

A father reply to school principal note and it goes viral

Well, as we all know that summer vacations are all coming to an end and the school system will once again be started off. But still it seems like the kids have started dreaming about the next vacation right now. As the kids get on with the vacations, the very first thing that do hit their mind is about the holiday trip or some tour with their family mates.

Likewise, Mike Rossi who is a well-known radio personality did the same with his kids as well. This family did went for the family vacations with a big smiles on their faces, but somehow they returned back home with an unfriendly surprise that was waiting for them. Mike Rossi has taken his kids to the family vacation along with the wife and for this vacation his kids were constantly on the absentees mode from the school.

As soon as the Mike and his family make their way back to the home, they were welcomed with the letter from the school side of his kids. They eventually find a scathing letter from the school principal that was welcoming them warmly on their house door.

Do you want to know what was written inside the letter?

The letter from the school principal was directed straight to the parents i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Rossi. The letter was a clear implication of the fact that the school do know that their family have recently taken their kids to the family vacation. But at the same time, it was mentioned that the school management do not take the family vacations as the excuse in the absentees of their kids from the school working. Moreover, the letter from the school even highlighted the fact that the school management was not in the position as in order to oversee the family vacations or in order to evaluate any sort of the educational nature from the side view of the family trips. It was mentioned clearly that the dates on which their kids were absent from the school has been mark as the unexcused ones. This accumulation of the unexcused absent can result into the violation from the side of the compulsory school attendance law.

But besides of the fact of letting the school management knows out that how he and his wife has done the upbringing of his kids, he decided to hold the pen and reply to the letter of the school management.

Well, the people who do read out the whole article and so as the letter from the school management they do consider it as a rude action from their side. Stepping out for the family vacations is the legal right of the students and so as the parents to spend time with them. Putting this deed into the violation of the school rules is not a favorable step. What do you think?

Thus, as opposed to have the school manage how he brings up his youngsters, Mike chose to pen his own blistering letter.


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Dad Responds To Rude Note from Principal about Family Vacation and It Goes Viral