Girls Are Using Sanitary Napkins Wrong Their Entire Life

A couple of tips for really utilizing sterile napkins as proposed!

It’s not easy to share some certain things which we don’t feel comfortable to discuss. Particularly when it incorporates our genitalia, the subject turns out to be much even more an unthinkable. In any case, regardless they should be discussed – or else we may never comprehend what we are doing up.

Periods are a typical and its natural of any young lady’s life. What’s more, still, individuals cease from discussing it without having a cringe on faces. Each young lady encounters her first period at some point amid her pubescent years, normally between the ages of 11-13. Periods are not something to be embarrassed about and learning as much as you can early makes a difference.

Female use pads and Sanitary towels in order to get rid of blood on your clothes when you have periods.

This article basically illustrates to know if you are getting into period, what product option can be used and how to use it.

How to judge that’s its coming for the first time.

Your breast may take quite a long while to completely grow, however when they initially begin to develop, you will realize that you have begun adolescence. Most young ladies get their first periods around two and half years after their breast initially start to grow.

Another sign of expecting period when the hair start growing in pubic area(between legs),just after the development of breast starts.

Once the period has been start now its time to choose what product should be used in-order to protect the flow. Here are the listed below some options for sanitary napkins use.

1.Types of Sanitary Napkins.

Many types of napkins aavailable in market,some good standard are front to back pad or some have wings to wrap in order to securely place and avoid side drip.







Numerous young ladies put the clean napkin too far back and experience leakage. Place the front of the napkin nearer to the vulva for most extreme assurance.



Expel the strip from the backing of the pad and press the pad solidly onto the surface of your underwear. In the event that you are utilizing wings, at that point press the wings underneath the sides of the groin of your undies to keep it solidly set up.

4.Thong placement.

On the off chance that you wear a thong clothing, ensure that the thicker piece of the pad is to the front while the decreased part is confronting the back towards the texture.


5. Ensure to test it.

To make test pull it and make sure it covering you from front to back.


6.Time to change.


Check it after 3-hours and change it when you think its time to change the napkin.



After 5 to 8 hour napkin should be changed in order to avoid soaked,Never flushed it in toilet just drop it in dustbin and wash your hand.Stay Healthy.

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Girls Are Using Sanitary Napkins Wrong Their Entire Life