Women are very conscious about their love and they get crazier at their 1st date.

The first date is both exhilarating and apprehensive for you want to ensure you have a lovely time. Both dates are mindful about their behavior, interactive skills, attitude and how to take the first date to the second date.

And so obviously, both would like to shun those major turn offs such a bad breath or not giving personal space. Yet there are some things that women accidently do and may scare a man away. A woman might just not notice but it is calamitous for the man.

Bringing up the conversation of marriage.

Talking about marriage that involves serious commitment and a long lasting relationship drives a man nuts. It may appear that a woman is going too fast in a relationship. So it is best to avoid the topic of marriage n the first date.


Long dull work talks.

Avoid talking about long labrous work hours with the man you are meeting for the first time. Your date wants to get to know you better and is not interested in your work gossip no matter how good of a story narrator you are.  And it can make a man lose interest.


Excessive usage of cell phone.

It is understandable that the use of modern day technology cannot be avoided. However you can avoid excessive usage so that the two of you can spend some quality time and get to know each other better. It gives the impression that you are uninterested and will obviously drive a man away.


Not splitting the bill.

When meeting someone for the first time there is a level of insecurity and shyness on both levels. But if you give in and make no effort to communicate, it created a barrier between two people. If a man tries to carry on the flow of communication and you don’t respond proactively the man will give in. He will surrender to you and move away.

Talking in baby voices.

Those mock baby voices that women love to use when they find something adorable or touching. No, leave that for actual babies for men despise such sounds. It cause him to cringe and grimace. Even if you find something cute, keep your voice natural. Man prefer to talk to mature ladies rather than a nanny.


Finding faults with everything.

It is fine to strive for perfection but that doesn’t mean to hold everything accountable to your judgement. It is quite disagreeable to date someone who is fond of complaining and picking out faults in every tiny thing.


Not replying to his compliments.

Remember there is a difference between being rude and being shy. Shyness is understandable however if a guy compliments you and you don’t reply to it, that is plain rude. It will make a man feel incomfortable, you will appear to be cold and indifferent.


Being exaggeratedly controlling.

A relationship blooms when both parties are considerate about each other’s needs and requirements and also mind their own roles. And if you try to govern and impact someone else’s decision making skills without trusting them. This will conveniently blow up a relationship.


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