10+Simple And Natural Ways To Keep Your Lady Parts Healthy

Keep healthy is really important for all of us and this article will surely help girls to keep hygiene.

As you grow up your body goes through certain changes. Once you hit puberty these changes occur more swiftly and noticeably. You observe these changes but there is no need to panic if these changes seem abnormal to you.

Speaking of private parts, a lady part loses its tightness after you start having sex regularly. It makes most couple quite anxious however it is something very natural and nothing to be worried about. Having regular sex has its price. But we can do a lot about it.

We are going to talk about home remedies which are safe, easy to use and can cure different issues regarding the genital area. These include bad odor and excessive discharge. It is surprising what natural remedies can actually do. They are the real-life hacks that have the potential to save you some time, energy and money.

Here are simple tips you can try at home:


If you boil some gooseberries in water and then store it in a bottle. Whenever you take a bath, apply this solution over your female genitals. This will help in restoring the elasticity.

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2.Oak Gall.

Oak Gall or also known as Oak Apple, it is round, large apple like Gall frequently found among many species of oak. It is a Thai herb that contains a lubricating and a powerful soothing compound. It helps to tighten the internal walls.

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3.Curcuma Comosa

This herb strengthens the walls of the womb , internal walls and the pelvic tissues within a month.


4. Pueraria Mirifica.

According to some experts utilizing this natural home remedy is very helpful I makes the female genital part firmer and is also used for breast enlargement.


5.Witch Hazel.

In order to make the vulva tight, you should grind the powder of this herb and wash your private part with it once a week.


6.Black Cohosh.

When it comes to tightening a woman’s genitals this is the most used herb.


7.Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is useful in avoiding drying and irritation of the female genitals. It is also useful to attain brisk relief from the genital problems. It you apply the gel by bathing and then washing if off it strengthens the muscles of the vulva.


8- Honey.

Honey contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that help you in treating all kinds of microbial infection that cause itching. And so honey is used to treat irritation in the vagina. You need to apply honey directly on the vagina as an ointment. Wash it away after 30 minutes and use it twice a day.


9.Bath with Apple Cider Vinegar.

You need to mix half a cup of organic Apple cider vinegar in your bath water and try to soak your vaginal area in it.  You need to keep your legs wide apart throughout this bathing process, and let water flow freely around the vagina. Bathing with some apple cider vinegar can give you remarkable results as it can help in obstructing the development of yeast by killing them with its high contents of acidic pH.


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10+Simple And Natural Ways To Keep Your Lady Parts Healthy

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