American faces up to SEVEN years in a Dubai prison because he used the word ‘b****’ in an Instagram story – and his ex-wife reported him to police

A man faces up to 7 years imprisonment in Dubai for a ridiculous reason:

  • A fitness model, Branford Jordan was arrested in UAE in 2017.
  • That was because his ex-wife reported he used the word “b****” on Instagram.
  • The word “b****” is considered as a criminal offense in UAE.
  • He has to pay a fine of $68,000
  • If he fails to pay the fine, he will be jailed for seven years.

A man in America was prisoner for being offensive on social media and for using a rash language on his Instagram story so due to Dubai’s strict laws on cyber-crime, he could not get out of there and meet his teenage son and mother.

The man, whose name was Jordan Branford, faced a fine of total $68,000, and if he fails to do so, he must suffer seven years in a jail due to using an offensive word on his Instagram.


Branford’s ex-wife, Salma Ismail, reported him for using the word b**** on Instagram last year.

The post was shortly deleted and according to the guy, that word was not meant to be for anyone specific but it was assumed that he used that word for his ex-wife.

Dubai is a very conservative place to live and has strict cybercrime laws, where even a word b**** is considered as a criminal offense and can cause imprisonment even if it is not used directly for anyone.


A fitness model, Jordan Branford was arrested in Dubai, after his ex- Egyptian wife confesses him using the word b**** on Instagram which she assumed was meant for her. He has an option for either paying a fine of US$ 68,000 or serve seven years in prison.

The government of UAE will take hold of his passport until he either pays the fine or surrenders himself to the police. This picture above shows Branford with his 17-year-old son, Jadan, and his mother, as both of them live in Oregon.

Branford has been living in Dubai since 2008, and now he has to pay a fine of $68,000, or either seven years in prison which will also be followed by his deportation.



If Branford for any reason, fails to pay the fine, then he will be forced to serve 209-months which is equal to almost seven-years in an extremely violent prison in Dubai.

Every day which he will serve in prison will be equal to $27.

The government of UAE will hold his password until he turns himself in for imprisonment or pay the fine.

If he refuses to do either, he will be forced to stay in UAE and never meet his mother and his teenage son in Oregon.

The complaint which was recently reported by Branford’s wife is the recent one between the various rows between the couple. Jadan is Branford’s son who was conceived by his past marriage.


The couple started getting apart from each other through various fights which started in the early 2017, and that is when he said that his wife Salma was ‘behaving in ways that no spouse would accept’, that’s what he claimed.

Branford claimed to work for hours, trying to build his fitness business. He said he worked alone since his father was not there for him ever since he was born, and he and his mother were forced to make a living for themselves all by themselves.

Branford reported to be working hard trying to make a good future for his teenage son, while his relatives and friends keep coming to him with reports of his wife behaving in a scandalous way.

Branford and his wife seem to have a very bitter relationship ever since they separated in 2017.


For a time, Branford did not believe what was told to him about his wife but later on, he gave in to the stories which were told to him which caused him move out of their house.

His ex-wife was unsuccessful in her attempts to try and sue him for a large sum of money which later was also a huge blot of trouble for the family.

Branford was heartbroken when his marriage dissolved and he was aware that this is what happens after two people break apart from each other, but also she tried to ruin him several times but it went in vain. But now, she has got what she wanted.

Branford’s arrest came in after he left an old phone at their house and was logged in to all his social media accounts.

Salma Ismail barged in her ex-husband’s personal messages to his close friends.

According to Branford, those messages were typed in complete agony and raw sadness and those were his real feelings at that time.

Those messages portrayed his true emotions and but it was never anything offensive, as Branford has never been offensive to his wife even in private.

It might not seem believable but Branford just needed someone to be there for him and those messages helped him feel better.

Branford’s arrest came because he left his phone on their old house which they use to live in together and his ex-wife saw all his messages with his friends.

Salma Ismail tried to sue Branford over those text messages but going through somebody’s text messages is seen as a criminal offense so she withdrew her case.


Branford was constantly harassed by his ex-wife that she kept threatening him that her uncle is a judge and that she will take back all his money. Branford has already spent about $230,000 in the legal fees.

His biggest mistake was that he had made a short video on Instagram where he complained about the legal fees.

What he said in the short video was “So I heard the b**** made another case”.

Even though his ex-wife could not prove that the word was used for her but she still claimed that this offended her.

According to him, he was treated very harshly and in an ill-mannered way when he appeared on the court on 14th march, 2017.

Branford was sentenced on the same day, and had to either pay $68,000 or serve 7 years in a prison.


Branford claims that this has been happening to him for more than 20 months and he has spent an entire sum of money on these legal cases and also has lost his business he was trying so hard to set up for his son’s future. And now he has lost everything and his son’s future is also gone.

Branford told that his ex-wife was behaving with the judge in an extremely frank way before treating him aggressively and harshly when he appeared on the court on March 14th.

According to Radha Stirling, the CEO of detained in Dubai, who was representing him told the press about Branford’s arrest.

She claimed that a lot of people are unaware that when they enter a country, they are already under observation of cybercrime laws.

She also added that visitors can also be subjected to criminal offence if they had posted something offensive years before coming to UAE due to poor laws.

Laws are also made to manipulate the people by the jealous partners or haters, and can even be reported easily through social media to the authorities.

No matter how petty a complaint is, it can still lead to arrest or fine or deportation.

She implies that Branford’s case is an open example where the laws can be insensitive and even can lack consideration within the legislature that how normally it can be abused or used in against any grudge.

The social media accounts can also lead to arrest in a manner as petty as this as the laws can be used in a totally opposite way for what it is made of.

Other social media crimes include using the emoji of middle finger and posting pictures of others without their permission even if it is in a group or a crowd.

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American faces up to SEVEN years in a Dubai prison because he used the word ‘b****’ in an Instagram story – and his ex-wife reported him to police