These Body Language Signs Are Sure-Shot Hints That Your Crush Is Into You

Your body language tells a lot about your personality and behavior.

Having crushes is sign of growing up as a person and appreciating the people around you. Almost everyone in their lives go through the process of having a crush. The feeling includes those shaky legs and breaths, racing heartbeats, swirling minds, trying to make an eye-contact, stalking their activities and hard attempts to make them notice me. And when you are so hard to catch their attention and notice them starring back at you that cannot be described in words.

Often, the infatuation we face makes us think about our beloved for so long that we stay buried in our thoughts. The most common activities that we do while having a crush on someone is to either watch romantic movies or listen to slow songs or maybe visit a quiet spot alone to enjoy the bliss of solitude with only them in our minds.

Here are some body languages which will prove to us if our crush really is into us or not?

1.Raising eyebrows while talking.

If our crush really does raises their eyebrows at us while we are talking so it indicates their presence of interest in you.


2.Making a random eye contact:

Making random eye contacts while having a conversation shows that if somebody looks at you for long and not move away the gaze while talking so it indicates a deep interest.


3.Change in tone:

Guys who like someone talk to them in a sweeter and a calmer tone with a hint of masculinity which by the way, girls dig out a lot.


4.Dilation of pupils:

Scientifically, when somebody likes anyone, looking into their eyes makes their own pupils dilated or widened which is a fool-proof way of finding out the liking or not.


5.Showing teeth while smiling:

When a person has a deep interest on someone, they smile so wide that their teeth show and it is a big positive sign that the guys likes you.

Girls find it very flattering when guys find them humorous and laugh at their jokes.


6.Shoulder rolls or shrugs:

Eyes are not the only things that show a person’s interest. Shoulders have a part to play too. Shrugging of shoulders show signs of acceptance and interest.



Normally, we find it very annoying that people copy us or imitate us. But people who like someone imitate their style or the way they choose to behave. And it’s also known as isopraxism.


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These Body Language Signs Are Sure-Shot Hints That Your Crush Is Into You

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