If You Can Solve These 7 Detective Riddles, Then You Are Attentive & Smarter Than 99% People Who Tried Them

These 7 detective riddles prove how attentive you are.

The use of our minds is not much now as we tend to not use it, hence no improvement in our intellect. Brainstorming and solving mental math really does improve our brain. Here are 7 riddles which might help.

A lot of people fail to answer them though maybe you won’t. Also, no cheating!



Here, the detective David was chilling in his apartment and having a cup of coffee, but suddenly he hears a loud breaking noise coming from the back of his chair. He got up to see what is wrong and sees that his window had been broken with a brick and when he peeks out, he sees three blacksmith brothers running away, which were James, mark and brad.

David quickly changes his clothes and is about to head out of the house when he notices a piece of paper sliding on his door. It says “? Blacksmith. He broke your window”. He immediately knew who did it. How?


A man murders his own wife in a way that he left no traces of murder and swept out any clues or witnesses. But soon after he leaves the place, the police call him to inform him about the murder and tell him to reach at once. The man arrives at the crime scene and the police arrest him, why?



A man crosses the road from Mexico to America in a bicycle with a leather bag which makes the police suspicious. But as the bag was filled with sand, the police could not find anything so they let him go. But the man really was smuggling. What is it?



A man had allegedly killed his wife and his lawyer claimed that the wife might come into the room any second now and everyone fixed their gazes at the door. When she did not turn up, the lawyer claimed that no one believes that the wife died because they all looked at the door, waiting for the wife. But the judge and the jury immediately announced the verdict of guilty. How did they do that?



A man was served a cup of coffee in the restaurant but there was a dead fly floating on it so he complained. The waiter bought him a fresh coffee but he still complained that the cup of coffee is same. How did he know that?



Two girls ordered iced tea. One of them drank quickly and ordered two more while the other one drank slowly. The one who drank slowly died after one glass while the one who drank three glasses remained normal. Why did the girl die?



A man knocked on the girl’s apartment, and when she opened, he apologized that he came to the wrong apartment and ran towards the elevator. The woman called the police and reported him. Why did she do that?


Here are the answers, if you couldn’t figure it out yourself:

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If You Can Solve These 7 Detective Riddles, Then You Are Attentive & Smarter Than 99% People Who Tried Them

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