How to spring clean your mind and scrub out the negative thoughts that make you ill – as told by a Hollywood therapist


  • The methods for cleansing of our minds have been revealed by a Hollywood therapist, Dr Habib Sadeghi.
  • By answering his set of questions, that is how one can know what is going irregular or odd in one’s behavior patterns.
  • Writing down one’s emotions is the best way to deal with them and to discard all the negative vibes from one’s self.

We have grown used to the fact that there are certain people who live in a certain way, either that is by living in a messy way or to leave things lying around, or even the neat freak ones. We see them on TV too.

But before we could further comprehend, the mess starts to grow. It fills the first room, then the other, and then slowly, the whole house is taken under the mess.

We are all a pile of mess too. If not related to physical stuff, then definitely related to our thoughts and the way we feel things. We cannot escape the mess our minds created, which results in us being psychologically disturbed. The place inside our minds looks exactly like the house where a hoarder once lived, but slowly, the situation matches the hoarder’s too. The mess our thoughts process and disrupt our feelings start to grow at an alarming pace until we reach a very critical stage, from where we can no longer set ourselves free.

Dr Habib mentions, that when he gets a patient and he enters his consulting room, he is unable to see his physical traits which is causing him pain or discomfort, like the pain in the back or limbs, etc. but what he does is to pay a close attention into his mind and body language, because often there are diseases which we cannot figure out any other way turn out to be only sadness, which is often called as being psychosomatic.

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The negative energy in our mind and body stays with us long enough to engulf us into it while putting guilt, inferiority complex, self-disgust and low self-esteem in ourselves. The outcome can also be a physical illness. The first step which should be taken by us for the betterment of our mind is to sweep our inner self clean from all the negativities. And once we learn how to fight with negativity, we feel a whole new refreshing change in ourselves.

Before tackling with the negative vibes and emotions, we must need to recognize them and for that, here are few questions we can ask ourselves:


If you answer the majority of the questions with a ‘yes’, it means that you are trying too hard to shut yourself down so no emotions can be felt by you.

  • Have you suffered any kind of emotional trauma or difficulty in dealing or admitting to negative emotions?
  • Do you dodge heart-felt or emotional conversations?
  • Do you keep yourself isolated, or avoid having any kind of intimate moments or closeness with anyone?
  • Do you think all you have for yourself, is “you”?


Another way to shut down the feelings is to pretend they never exist, or have already been coped up with when in real, it never happened. How many “yes” have you answered these questions?

  • Do you appear to look disinterested or lower the importance on the intensity of feelings you have for anyone?
  • Do you fake a smile everywhere?
  • Have you ever taken pills for depression or anxiety or consulted a psychiatrist?


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How to spring clean your mind and scrub out the negative thoughts that make you ill – as told by a Hollywood therapist

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