Never Marry a Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

All the men are not gentle so never choose a man who have these these habits.

Marriage is an essential part of our life and we will be a part of it someday too, but as this is a once in a lifetime process, we should not rush into having a life partner without actually knowing somebody. Making a wise decision might save us from a trauma of a divorce and an unhappy life.

While as much as it is important to marry the guy you love, one must know what qualities a person must not possess so that you might not trick yourself into marrying a psychopath.

If the guy you want to marry has these following qualities, run faster than a man who is being chased by a lion!

#1.Does not have moments of epiphany:

If a guy thinks that a common attitude like making mistakes is not present into him that indicates that the person is not the kind of person we want to meddle with, as he will always put the blame on you no matter what rather than accepting his mistakes. That guy is a narcissist, similar to the story of a Greek guy who drowned himself out of passion for looks.



A guy who physically or mentally abuses you is a clear warning on your future with him, as he does not care on what you do, as all he cares about is himself and will keep on loving to overpower you and control you. He hit you once, and he’ll hit you again, so before he does, leave him for good.


#3.Puff on cigarettes:

The guy who smokes not only is a treat to his own health but also of others. A smoker makes people around him or living around him a passive smoker. He will also have bad, unattractive features which are also bad hygienically.



The guy who works all the time has no time for his family. He neglects the basic needs and rights of his spouse and children and end up getting distant from them. A person who does not prioritize his family is a guy who is not husband-material.



A guy who is clingy will invade and steal away the personal space of a person and will not allow them to socialize, hence isolating them. Plus, being clingy is not cute anymore. Its claustrophobic and proves that a guy has trust issues and will forever be a watchful guy over you. Its best to keep a distance with them.


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Never Marry a Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

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