From Goosebumps to Sweating, Why Do These Things Happen in the Human Body?

know some of the reasons that why human body reacts in some situations.

The certain reactions which happen in our body are due to the fact that our body reacts to stimuli quicker than anything, and because of that, we see some visible changes. There are valid scientific and logical explanations regarding these actions which are done to provide protection to our body.

The responses which occur, happen in completely certain circumstances and due to that, even in this advanced era, the human body is still not completely researched.

There regular things are what happens to us the most and due to the following reasons:

#1.Getting skin prunes:

Skin prunes are the reason when our fingers stay in a wet place for too long, which makes the fingers go this way to have a grip on objects during underwater.


#2.Getting Goosebumps:

Goosebumps are the reason where our skin hair works as an alarming affect to our body from unfamiliar or frightening situations.


#3.Getting butterflies in our stomachs:

It indicates the sudden “fight or flight” response which occurs in any situation of panic or anxiety.


#4.The mechanism of yawning:

Yawning happens when we want to lower the temperature and response of the brain and also due to less number of hours to sleep.


#5.Stretching after waking up:

It the response where the body wants to activate the brain cells to let it get going to get the work done through the rest of the day.



We sneeze to avoid the germs, insects and other harmful micro-organisms from entering our body.


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From Goosebumps to Sweating, Why Do These Things Happen in the Human Body?

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