16 Creepy Traditions In The World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

This world is very strange and some of the nations has such traditions that you can’t believe.

Whatever we chose to do and follow from centuries ago are taken into account by the anthropologists, who research on the history and details of people all over the world and their backgrounds on what they did and what is being followed in the world in the form religious or cultural practices. There are certain things people follow especially in the case of:

  1. When someone dies
  2. When someone matures
  3. Or when someone is married.

Practices are followed either as a part of a religion or even as a norm that allows a person to do a certain thing without knowing its history or purpose.

Here are some of the weirdest and cringe-worthy practices which are being followed in certain parts of all over the world:

The practice of throwing a new born baby from a 15-meter temple into the sheet held by men on the ground below is followed by Muslims in Maharashtra, India. Though no serious injuries have been reported so far, the practice is said to be demanded to ban, as anything bad could happen to the baby.


Kyrgyzstan followed that tradition where girls were either kidnapped from their homes or places where they use to work and are forcefully told to write a letter to their families where they mention they will never be returned to them again, and are married off into a totally stranger family. Although few women ran away from their kidnapped homes, some still choose to stay as they no longer are virgins so they don’t deserve to live under their parent’s roofs again.


Thailand has this extremely brutal and senseless tradition where they pierce a person’s cheek with a metal sword as they believe that will keep away the evil spirits from them.


This tradition in Tibet is being followed wherever someone dies, their body is chopped up and thrown up on the mountainous ranges so that vultures will feast on them. The reason of doing so is that people believe that it would take the spirit of their beloved’s to the heavens.


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16 Creepy Traditions In The World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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