Meet an Instagram Couple Who Earns Big Bucks Just by Travelling Together

You would really love this couple because they earn huge money by just traveling around the world.

Every single person in the world had thought about going on a vacations once and then never coming back, but as we come back to the reality, we realize that our lives revolves around so many duties and responsibilities that one cannot deny.

But this Instagram couple, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen had made this dream what we only dream of, their reality. And due to that, they are doing a job which includes of promoting brands and places and advertising them on Instagram.

They not only work and travel, they travel. And with their booming 3 million followers on Instagram, they earn a lot and make it their lifestyle.

This couple have been together for two years now and are literally the couple goals. Let’s have some of their pictures:

Keep your bags packed and tickets ready, as these serious couple goals will urge us to do the same!

Sunset Boat rides down the Madinat Jumeriah 🛶🌴 Wearing – @morrisdaythelabel

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As per the claims of, they make $9000 for charging to advertise the brands on their accounts.

Morris starting travelling since he was 21.

Bullen, on the other hand was travelling within her own country’s premises.

Both met for the first time for a job at Fiji and had been building their own brand port folios since then.

According to morris, they were selected to do a project together and during all that time, they couldn’t stay apart from each other and on their last day out, he asked her out. She said yes.

When they are free from their work, they stay at morris’s in bali.

My favourite view ⟠ @paul_hewitt #paulhewitt #getanchored

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He even conducted a Q/A session to interact with his fans.

He was asked the question of whether he lives in a house or a bag pack. Replied he lived in a backpack during 2012-16 but now he has moved in with his girl in bali.

These Sahara Camp Vibes 🔮🔥 @kamkamdunes

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When asked, how do you avoid getting sick, he replied its maybe because they travel a lot and are used to being in every weather and eating everything.

Never been so happy ☘︎

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He was also asked about his dream job before travelling, to which he replied skate-boating, and had been doing it for 9 years and also being featured in few magazines.

Morris claims to never plan much and is rather spontaneous. And currently he lives in Bali with his girlfriend and will think about settling on later.

Let’s wish them both all the best!

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Meet an Instagram Couple Who Earns Big Bucks Just by Travelling Together