There’s no scientific formula to find out whether your partner loves you or not but, there are plenty of signs through which, you can be certain that you’ve found your match; someone who genuinely loves you and cares for you. Since without love, any relationship is bound to meet its end, we’ve collected 6 important signs that help you discover whether your partner really loves you or not.

So let’s help you figure out whether you’re getting the love you really deserve or not.

#1.They’re not selfish in bed:

No relationship is good enough if the time spent in bed together doesn’t make you stay in bed forever. In a true relationship, both the partners are more concerned about their partner than themselves. They’re both looking ways to satisfy each other and make the time more memorable for the other one. Someone who loves you, won’t rush, they won’t use you to fulfil their lustful desires, instead, they’ll try their best to meet your satisfaction so if your partner is more interested in making the time you spent in bed, better for you, then it’s a sign he/she deeply cares about you.

#2.Stop you from making wrong decisions:

None of us are perfect in making decisions. We all need help and correction from time to time so at times, we need someone to warn us, or even stop us from making the mistake that we just cannot foresee. For this task, there’s no better candidate than your other half, your partner. If your partner is completely honest with you, gives you the advice that proves to be in your favor, then he/she is the one. Any relationship is based on honesty so it’s very important that your partner gives you their honest advice no matter what and if they do, they really do love you.

#3.Don’t get mad when you don’t pick their call:

A true relationship is based on complete understanding and trust. If your partner doesn’t call you every hour to check up on you, if they don’t act insecure when you’re not around them and most importantly, they don’t make you feel like doubtful or untrustworthy, then yes, he/she really loves you because in true relationship, you love each other and along with that, you trust your partner completely so even when they’re not around, you trust them completely and don’t try to keep an eye on them.

#4.Take care of you when you’re ill:

Do you see the discomfort in your part when you’re ill? Do you see them trying to do their best to make you feel good? If yes then your partner really loves you from the bottom of their heart because according to Zen masters, in true love, you lose your sense of identity, you stop distinguishing yourself from your partner and therefore, you feel their pain and you can’t be at ease when they’re not okay.

#5.Takes advice from you:

Asking someone advice gives them a sense of satisfaction. In true love, you try to understand each other completely and you try to make them feel better. If you really love your partner, you need to start taking their advice on even the things with minimal importance, like your clothes you’re going to wear to the party or the phone you need. This makes them feel important. Likewise, if your partner truly loves you, they’ll ask for your advice because they want to involve you in their life as much as possible. It’s one of the healthiest signs of any relationship.

#6.Little things matter A LOT:

If you try to remember why you love your partner, you won’t be able to recall a single specific cause. That’s because you don’t love them for a specific reason. You fell for them for the things they repeatedly did. A true sense of love and caring demands consistency. So the more time you spend together, increase the number of little things you do for each other, the more your relationship will grow strong because on the long run, this is what makes you fall in love with your partner.

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