12 Epic Facts about Women that you didn’t know!

Unusual Facts About Females That Are Totally True

We often hear about clichés and myths about women and some distinctive characteristics that leave us in an awe, wondering the authenticity of such mind-boggling facts. Some of them are surprisingly true while some of them are just stories.

To solve the mystery for you, we have compiled 12 surprising facts about women that are backed up by scientific research and different surveys so you can be absolutely sure of trusting them.

#1.A woman’s heart is smaller than a man’s heart. Some of you might know this but what you guys might not know is, the woman’s heart beats slightly faster than the male’s heart. An average adult woman’s heart beats around 78-82 times a minute as opposed to an average male’s heartbeat of 70-72 times a minute. The female’s heart beats faster to compensate for its smaller size, as confirmed by the consultant cardiologist, Miles Behan at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

#2.As we all have heard, women live longer than men. Yes guys, this isn’t just a myth. Professor Katsuiku Hirokawa of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University gives the credit for this to the immune systems of the women that ages slowly than an average man’s immune system.


#3.As we all see female students performing better than male students, well, according to Nirao Shah, Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences and Neurobiology at Stanford University, it is because a woman’s hippocampus, a small organ in brain that is linked with learning and memorizing, is larger than an average man’s, hence, better performance. 

#4.You see the competition of longer heels in women these days? Well, this was once a competition among men. You heard that right, ancient men took pride in wearing heels and it was a symbol of status. It also made them appear taller. According to Eliabeth Semmelhack of the Bata Show Museum in Toronto, it was no longer than 1600s that women started wearing as a symbol of equality with men.

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12 Epic Facts about Women that you didn’t know!

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