12 Epic Facts about Women that you didn’t know!

Unusual Facts About Females That Are Totally True

#5.Something you might never would have heard is, women have a more flexible lower back than men, according to Dr Katherine Whitcome of Harward University. The credit for this flexibility goes to evolution as women of all ages had to stay mobile during pregnancy. 

#6.We all have heard that women talk way more than men. Well, researchers at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine proved this theory through their study on a language protein aka FOXP2 in the brain which is found to be in higher levels in female’s brain, hence, more talkative.

#7.As for crying, there’s not much difference, as opposed to common perception. The German society of Ophthalmology concluded that women, on average, cry for 6 minutes which men, on the other hand, cry for around 2-4 minutes on average. They also found out that on average, 65% of women’s crying will turn into sobbing while in men’s case, the crying ending up in sobbing has chances of 6-7% only! 

#8.Something amazing about pregnancy was found out by Louis Muglia and her team who studied around 3500 mothers and their babies in Finland, Denmark and Norway, to finally come to the conclusion that shorter woman have shorter pregnancies.

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12 Epic Facts about Women that you didn’t know!

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