15 Dark Things Brad And Angelina Have Kept Secret About Their Children

We all know a lot about Brad and Angelina but there are also some facts that you don’t know about their kids.

A recently divorced Hollywood star couple have total six children,The kids are Maddox,Shiloh,Knox, Vivienne,Pax and Zahara.Among these six children, Pax, Maddox, and Zahara are adopted while the other three are biologically theirs.

Life must be quite busy for them as they have to handle a whole pack of 6 children along with their own booming careers, there is one thing that they don’t want the world to know: their private information.

As successful as they might be, there are certain secrets about themselves that they could not keep a secret of. Being protective of their image and their children is very important for them and they don’t want their children to get somehow near the nasty rumors about them so their image won’t get ruined.

Here are some of the darkest secrets we have known about the star couple.

1. Angelina fears their child Shiloh might spill the beans on their private life:

Having a divorce is one of the toughest things to do and in order to do that, a couple faces many bitter fights. The same thing happened with the star couple. But it seems like their children are making it harder for them.Shiloh is more closer to brad than Angelina and she is afraid that she might spill some negative things which she said about brad in front of the children in spite of the fact that she has taken full custody of the children.As a nearby source passed on this information that she worried that her words might become a hurdle in the legal procedures of the court.

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2. Rules and routines of every house:

Some parents prefer to keep their children a little less restricted while the others might not feel the same and instead will restrict them into a tough routine.“Brangelina” are not the same though. They prefer to keep their children unsupervised and might even go to the bed earlier than the children, at least that’s what the nanny of their children has mentioned. Angelina believes in independence of her children which is yet debatable.For a big family, the children should be kept strictly under control.


3. Brad is still in denial about his daughter Shiloh:

A lot of might have heard the news that Shiloh is their daughter who wants to become and wants to get referred to as guy. She even dresses like a boy and behaves like a guy and its perfectly normal for the kids to feel that way in early stages of their lives.Angelina supports her daughter’s decision no matter what and is also kind to her while brad is having difficulty to accept this change in his daughter. But as she is closer to brad, he will listen to her eventually.Seeing Shiloh behave and think herself as guy is being really hard on him.


4. Zahara’s dark childhood:

A lot of sad stories are easier to be made a headline of and will be sold everywhere for a good publicity. But sadly, Angelina’s child Zahara’s story has not yet been uncovered, but fortunately, her story ended well with Angelina.She adopted Zahara Marley from Ethiopia when she was a new born baby and was only six months old.Zahara’s biological mother revealed that she was raped which results in zahara being born and later bought up by Angelina. Her mother thinks that it is her good fortune that Angelina went to rescue her from a dark childhood.


5. Fans were frighteningly obsessive over Shiloh:

Shiloh was not born in united states just like her parents due to the act that her parents wanted to do it privately and away from the attention of the media.Her parents were assumed to be travelling when Shiloh was born in Namibia, but the actual reason was that they did not wanted their children to be engulfed in the media at such an early stage.Angelina even sold Shiloh’s baby clothes for seven million dollars and donated the money to UNICEF.


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15 Dark Things Brad And Angelina Have Kept Secret About Their Children

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