15 Signs He Is Secretly in Love with You


Dating, especially online dating is what that is no hard thing to do in fact, everyone can get themselves engaged to such activities, but when things to serious, the concept of love pops out. People want to know if they really are loved by their significant others or not and in this regard, they tend to forcefully make their partners say that they love them. Confessing love out of pressure has no meanings to it and it’s definitely unfair.

Now there is one thing that really creates all the chaos in the minds of the people that they like to know it from their partners if they really do love them or not. But there is also a possibility that the reason your partner has not been expressive is because they are rather shy and express their love in other ways which is might have ignored. The phrase of them confessing their love to us is not to be taken lightly and not meant to be spoken casually. It takes a lot of feelings and meanings to utter those three words.

These 15 signs will make you figure out if the partner loves you or not:

#1.He remembers what you say:

A guy who loves you will always pay attention to what are you trying to say and will keep all the distractions away. Also, he will also make sure he misses no details about you and will get to know you completely.


#2.He’s a gentleman:

Chivalrous guys are the ones that draws the girls towards themselves and are probably the ones that are truly the keepers in a relationship. A guy who resects you, both in public and private and does minor jobs like drawing the chair for you without feeling that as an insult to his masculinity is probably the guy who can keep his girl be proud of him forever.


#3.He takes care of you and your needs:

A man who does everything to make sure you are okay is what makes this guy be truly drawn to you. Doing simple tasks like doing the dishes while the girl does another chore and taking extra care of you while you are sick and informing about your sick leave to your university, this is probably the things that matters the most.


#4.He talks about his future with you:

When the guy is serious about you, you are included in all his future plans and he will always talk about doing everything with you by his side.


#5.Holds your hand:

Expressing love in public might not what every girl may be comfortable with, but holding hands while going out or watching out for you whenever you leave home is his way of showing that he is trying to protect you. Don’t ever let a man like this go.


#6.He values your opinions:

A guy who takes decisions after including your opinions in it is the one who wants to show you how important you are to him and probably wants to make you his constant.


#7.He wraps his hands around you:

Making a guy jealous is probably the easiest thing in a relationship. When somewhere, he holds you close or just casually put an arm on your shoulder, he is simply trying to make the other guys know you belong to him.


#8.He uses the word “we” and “us”:

The guy who see their future with their girls uses the word “we” and “us” a lot as it shows that whatever they are going to do, they are going to do it together. Guys who aren’t serious won’t include their girls in anything.


#9.He’s very protective:

Guys who truly are protective sometimes tend to look more like a parent than a partner. But I he checks up on you often and calls you to know if you are safe whenever you are out, that proves that he truly loves and cares about you.


#10.He’s very interested in your life:

A guy who is truly serious will always want to know the minor as well as the major details about you and how your day went. He will make you tell him a list of the things you did, and will be equally interested to here every detail of your day and life.

#11.He’s always there to help:

A guy who is in love will never say no his girl. He will cross oceans for her and will never keep her waiting. He will help you out in everything and will be your 24/7 helpline.

#12.He makes up after a fight:

Communication is a key in every relationship, and whenever there is a fight, a guy must know how to be mature and talk things out and make his girl feel better. A fight should never be the cause of a grudge between the two.


#13.He keeps you updated:

A guy who loves you tells you everything he has gone through throughout his day and he knows he does not have to do that, he just does that and that’s how he makes you know how important you are to him.


#14.He respects you:

A guy who respects you will stay faithful to you and only you. He won’t cheat or check out other girls while being with you and will always listen to you without intruding your conversation rudely.



#15.You’re the first and last person he calls or texts:

A guy will tell you first if there is anything good or bad to tell. Also, you will always be the first one he messages or calls after he wakes up and the last person to say goodnight to before he sleeps.


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15 Signs He Is Secretly in Love with You