Sushi Tries To Escape From Someone’s Plate After It Comes Back To Life

Most of us are big fans of sushi but after reading this post, you might be careful the next time you're having sushi.

Naturally many people are woozy towards sushi, because after all it’s a raw fish. However, there are many people, who have overcome their fears and have a grown a great likeness towards sushi, particularly in Japan, where it has developed into numerous regional specialties.

But it doesn’t matter how wonderful one might find it, there are limits to one’s likeness specially after what happened recently at a Japanese restaurant which would be enough to change anyone’s mind.

Customers at this particular Japanese restaurant were stunned to find out that a customer complained of the nigiri they ordered turn into a squirm when it was touched to be eaten. As was revealed, the fish was not actually alive, rather it was freshly prepared and what caused the movement was the nerve endings which were still responsive to touch.

Not many people outside would be comfortable with such wriggling fresh dinner. But inside Japan, people are surprisingly more accustomed to see their food dance across their plate when they begin to eat.

For example, odori ebi – ‘dancing shrimp’ – is a popular sashimi delicacy. This dish contains a live baby shrimp drenched in alcoholic drink and the animals are consumed immediately, moving their legs creepily as they are eaten. In Japan and nearby Thailand, there are also other dishes that can be found which contains live sea food including octopus, fish, shrimp and even lobster. However, this case is not common outside of the Far East. Furthermore, there are strict laws against the consumption of live animals both in Australia and Germany, where this practice was brought in once by the immigrants.

Given the absurdity of the practice and that most people would run a fair distance when encounter such things, it is very unlikely that this is a culinary trend could spread outside Japan any time soon.

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Sushi Tries To Escape From Someone’s Plate After It Comes Back To Life