People fight against cancer and most of the times, they lose this battle but, this little guy lost the battle but before that, he did what he wanted to do. 

Ever imagined how hard could it be for a parent to welcome their new born in this world while planning a funeral for their oldest child. This heart breaking article is about a brave family from Briston, England, who kissed their son goodbye on Christmas Eve after he cuddled his baby sister for the last time.

Parents, Lee and Rachel Cooper tells that their 9 year old son, Bailey Cooper set new levels of courage by smiling and laughing all through his cancer treatments.

Bailey lived 15 months as a cancer patient yet he remained positive through all the pain.

In 2016, specialists determined Bailey with stage 3 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. After a progression of medicines and a concise rest disappearing, Bailey’s aggressive cancer growth returned in the fall of 2017.


The family was told by doctor that possibility of survival of Bailey before his baby sister born, due in Nov 2017, is very less. Yet Bailey fought his way through to stay alive to meet his baby sister and got to choose a beautiful name for her – millie.


As stated by Rachel copper, the mother of Bailey, she didn’t think that Baily would last that long, although she knew how determined Bailey is to meet his baby sister.

At the end of the November Millie was born. She said that Bailey hugged her and did everything he imagined himself doing as an older brother—change her, wash her, sing to her. But that did not last for long. After the birth of Millie, Bailey started to grow weaker and weaker day by day.


It was not long before Christmas that bailey’s parents asked him to make a wishl-list that he initially didn’t want to. Bailey’s wish-list included the items that his little brother Riley would enjoy the most, he surely wanted to leave his younger brother some Christmas presents before he goes.

On the Christmas eve, as it seems, for the last time bailey,s parents gathered around his bedside. They new that their sun is slipping away and it’s the end of earthly suffering for him.

His parents stayed strong through this rough time and they want their son to be strong too. They told him that its ok if he wants to stop fighting. They know he has been through a lot in past 15 years so they told him that his time had come and it was time to stop.

Rachel said that the moment we told him to “stop”  he took his last breath and there was just a tear came out of his eye. She states that it was peaceful

Weeks after their child’s demise, the family is in the throes of distress, all while keeping an eye on their infant Millie. “We are numb, however in a way likewise cheerful he is never again in torment,” Lee Cooper clarified.With Riley and Millie to care for, Lee and Rachel are determined to carry on as Bailey instructed.

The brave Bailey didn’t want his parents to spend much time reminiscing him. He knew that they will be in grief but he also knew that his parents has to take care of his younger brother and baby sister.

He told his parent that they are only allowed to cry for 20 mins and then they will spend their time taking care of riley and millie.

Their son didn’t want his parents to spend much time at all feeling sad, leaving the most beautiful sentiment for how they should carry on.

The family has been wrapped in the adoring arms of their group, who are doing what they can to respect Bailey’s life. Bailey has motivated a whole town with his overcome battle, and now, his memory keeps on moving individuals over the world.


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