9 Types of situational sex you will have at least once in your lifetime

Every Situation calls for a different sex

We all have heard about different facts about sex; the positions etc. But, what most of us do not know is, there are different situations that lead to different kinds of sex. Sex is not just a physical act that’s all about different positions, but, its about the feelings which is very much dependent on the situation.
In this article, we tell you about 10 different types of situations that lead to sex. You might have experienced a few of these but, you wouldn’t had noticed them until now.

The reckless kind.

This one is found in early days of the relationship. The two of you are excited about being with each other. You both are always craving to be with each other so in this phase, you don’t care about clothes or anything trivial as such. The only thing you two care about is being with each other, exploring bodies; no matter whether you two are in a restroom or a hotel room.

The one where you can’t stop yourself from falling in love.

This one also falls in the early phase of relationship. The two of you are excited. You can’t stop thinking about your partner no matter how hard you try. All you can think of is being in each other’s arms.

The spiritual one.

In this phase, all the love songs make sense to you. You can’t help but falling in love with your partner. You have expressed your love to your partner. The feelings are heightened at this phase and the sex is passionate than ever. It’s all too overwhelming.

The one when when you’re totally in love with your partner.

This is the phase when you have accepted your relation as something very important for you. You two are comfortable with eachother and you are now free from the initial spark and excitement.

When all you see is each other.

This is the phase of complete acceptance. The two of you might be planning your future together. You are completely comfortable with each other and in sex, you try to fully satisfy each other. You experience the true sense of commitment at this stage.

The fights getting common.

This is the point when fights become common. You start getting annoyed by things your partner does but, you get more annoyed by the fact that you still love them no matter what. Despite the fights, there’s sex at this phase and yes, it’s different in its own way.

When you’re simply addicted to each other.

Addiction is not healthy for a relationship. In this situation, you need your partner at all times and they’re more of a habit of yours. You can’t resist him/her. You are at the point where you could let go anything just to have your soulmate. You choose to be committed and the sex at this point is one of its kind.

When its now or never.

This is intense sex that we’re talking about. In this situation, all you want is hot steamy sex that satisfies you to your very soul. The sex is wild and you want to forget about every thing else and just live in the moment.

The confusing situation.

In this type of sex, you don’t know how you ended up having sex. You did not plan this situation and whether it was good or bad, you are confused how it even happened. It’s unexpected, mostly because this person made you put down your walls no matter how hard you tried resisting.

The Souls merger.

This is where you have completely fallen in love with each other. You two are committed to each other to the extent of commitment and you completely believe each other to be soul mates. The sex in this situation is amazing. It’s more than just physical intimacy. You two are completely lost in each other.

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9 Types of situational sex you will have at least once in your lifetime