Believe It or Not, Your Poop Can Tell If You Are Healthy or Not!

Your poop can actually tell you a lot about your health:

You must be very familiar with the act of popping but can you believe, you can actually get to know about your health through your poop. Yes, you read that right, you can actually get to know about health by observing your poop. The poop is an excellent indicator of how well the body is absorbing the nutrients and expelling the waste. So the next time you go to the toilet, you know you don’t need to just flush down the waste.

There are 3 main observations you need to make.





Bowel movements are necessary. If you’re having 1 bowel movement a day, you’re good! Even if you have 2-3 bowel movements a day, you’re still on the safe side since it could be due to your fast metabolism rate but having more than that could be serious problem because it may be sign of diarrhea. And on the opposite case, if you have no bowel movement then it’s a sign of trouble too because bowel movement indicates the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and acids.


You need to observe the form of the poop. It has been categorized in 7 forms.

a.Separate hard lumps like little balls
b.If you see this form in the toilet, you must know that it indicates acute inflammation of the small c.intestine. It can also be the case with people taking antibiotics.

#1.Sausage shaped
This one is difficult to pass and it may be an indication of IBS. It can also cause anal bleeding
#2.Sausage with cracks
This one is similar to one mentioned before but this one is processed faster.
#3.Sausage shaped but smooth
This is the most common type of poop with people who go to toilet once a day.
#4.Soft blobs with cut edges
This poop is common for people who defecate more than once a day
#5.Fluffy pieces.
This one can be alarming. It might be indicating high bp or stress.
#6.No solid, all watery
This type of poop can be alarming too. It might be a warning for some disease or condition.


The color of the poop says a lot. Dark color might be an indication of upper GI tract while yellow or green poop could be indicator of fat malabsorption or liver or gallbladder stress. The perfect color is medium to dark brown.

Some addition observations to make:

Floating poop indicates balance of fiber.
If you lack bowel movements or if your poop is too loose, take more bananas, rice, apple and tea.
If you observe a hard poop, increase your intake of magnesium-rich foods and also, you should go for a thyroid panel test.
To improve the poop overall, try taking more probiotics, soaked chia seeds and other nuts and seeds.
For the bowel movements, you might find yoga and abdominal massages very useful.

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Believe It or Not, Your Poop Can Tell If You Are Healthy or Not!