10+ Facts About Pee That May Make You Squirm

All of these facts can really be put to use.

We all go to toilet plenty of times a day yet there are so many facts about urine that we do not know. Some of these can be really helpful for those who face certain problems while urinating. The 15 facts that we collected for you might change the way you urinate. They are mostly forgotten or sometimes not cared about. Without further due, let’s brighten your day.

Pee Composition

Your Urine is almost 96% water.

Whitens the teeth

This might make you cringe but, its true. Urine can make your teeth go white since it contains ammonia which is very good for teeth.

Ever noticed you avoid the vacant pee spot in the middle?

If you do avoid the vacant spot in between two people then you probably suffer from Paruresis, a phobia of being around people.

Girls do NOT pee from the vagina

Contrary to common belief, girls do not pee from the vagina. Instead, there’s an opening called urethra for the disposal of urine.


Never heard of it, right? Well, if you find your body producing insufficient urine then this is the condition you’re suffering from.

3000 compounds

Believe it or not, your urine has more than 3000 compounds in it.

Potential Gun powder

Among the many compounds in your urine, you have calcium nitrate which can be converted to potassium nitrate. Once you’ve done that, combine it with charcoal and sulfur to get the gun powder.

You pee almost 7 times a day

On average, a human pees 7 times a day. In case you find yourself going to washroom lot more or less than that, it will be advisable that you visit a doctor.

Bladder’s capacity

On average, 1500 ml of urine is produced in a human’s body in 24 hours and a bladder can hold only 400-600 ml of urine at a time so think before not going to the washroom for long time.

The red eyes after swimming

The itchy red eyes you get after swimming is not solely because of chlorine, its because of mixture of chlorine and urine.

Pee does not cure the Jelly fish sting

Yes, its a myth. The urine can only provide the warmth.

Pee as a fertilizer

The nitrogen and phosphorus in urine make the plant juicier.

Tip for men

This one’s not a fact but a tip for men on how to pee when they’ve been holding up for too long. The right image shows the right way to pee so that there’s no unwanted mess.

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10+ Facts About Pee That May Make You Squirm