Predator Asks 7-Year-Old Girl For Topless Pictures, But It’s Her Dad Who Replies

Parents do everything they can to keep their children safe

Especially for children, internet can be really dangerous. They can be easily lured into something that can really be dangerous for them. So it is a parent’s duty to protect their child from this dark side of the internet. Setting an example, one Illinois dad protected his 7 year old child from one predator on internet when he saw some disturbing messages  that were being to his daughter on a popular app. He now shares the story with the world. Let’s take a look

Brad Summer, the father, gave his daughter, Madi access to a musical app on his phone, ‘’. According to father, the daughter used this app to send goofy music videos to her cousins. However, it was later found out that one of those people, who she was sharing music with, was not her cousin.
A person named ‘Jessy’ had convinced the little girl that she is talking to a 9 year old girl. Madi was having casual conversations with this ‘Jessy’ until Jessy started showing her true side when she started asking her for her selfies.
Jessy started asking Madi for her pictures without t-shirt. The innocent little girl found this creepy so she denied but that did not stop the wicked person on the other side until Madi’s father got his hands on the conversation and dealt accordingly.
Brad told Jessy that he’s a police officer and that he has noted down his credentials such as IP address and location. The father then went on to warn people of these wicked sick people, through Facebook.

Brad then posted an update on the incident that he has submitted a subpoena to to freeze all the accounts by a user named ‘Jessy’. Taking a step further, Brad is making sure puts more effort into protecting young users. Brad’s Facebook post has been shared more than 85,000 times! In his last post, he says, “I’m not seeking monetary damages, but I want change. Safety, from a company that knowingly has an issue… Please don’t give up on this fight with me, I need you all by my side!”

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Predator Asks 7-Year-Old Girl For Topless Pictures, But It’s Her Dad Who Replies