19 Uncomfortable Signs That You Are Actually in the Best Relationship of Your Life

If you wanna know whether you're with your Mr Right/Ms Right, here's the guide

No matter if its your first time being in relationship or you’ve had your share of failed relationship, either way you would really want to know if this is the person you’re really supposed to be with. Lucky for you, there are certain signs that you can use to tell whether you are in the right relationship or not so without further due, let’s help you figure out what relationship are you in.

#1.The fact that you can’t live your single life now, no longer bothers you.

You are aware that your choices will reap consequences that will no longer affect just yourself. You need to consider your partner before making numerous everyday decisions and this does not bother you. You are not bothered by the fact that you are no longer responsible for yourself only.

#2.You start being comfortable

You no longer hesitate in revealing your weaknesses to your partner. You let your guard down when you’re with each other and you no longer wear the facade of a harsh appearance. You feel really comfortable opening up to each other and you can be really defenseless when you’re together.

#3.You no longer avoid disagreements

You no longer avoid conflicts unlike the early stages of relationship where you are cautious about disagreements. If you’re with the right person, you both would understand that you both are two different people with different perceptions and so, disagreements will be there so you don’t need to hide from them.

#4.You’re not all about proving your point anymore

Despite how tempting it is to prove your partner wrong, if you’re with the right person, you start letting go this temptation for the healthy future of relationship. You realize that you value this person a lot more than your ego boundaries.

#5.You are not bothered by not calling all the shots every time

Unlike when you were single and everything was just the way you wanted, now there’s a whole being who sometimes makes decisions on your behalf and you’re okay with that. You understand that when you’re in relationship, your partner is going to get certain degree of authority over your life and you are not bothered by this.

#6.You are open to changes

As you progress in relationship, there’s a lot that you need to change in order to have a healthy relationship and it’s a sign of good relatiosnhip when this change does not bother you. Relationships are about growing to be a better person so if you are being transformed in a better version of you and this does not bother you then yes, you’re in the relationship that you should be in.

#7.You’re not your only priority anymore.

Your life is no longer centered around your desires only now. You have this person in life who’s at the top of your priority list and you start bargaining on your selfish desires to please your partner.

#8.You’re becoming a better version of yourself

A good relationship helps you grow into the best version of yourself so if this is what you see happening then you’re in the most healthiest of relationships. You will find yourself pushing your abilities to be a better person for your partner and you’ll notice your partner doing the same.

#9.You share the stress with your partner

Gone are the days when you were worried about your own problems only. A significant part of a healthy relationship demands the sharing of problems and if you’re in the right relationship,  you’ll find yourself taking the burdens of your partner and figuring out solutions to their problems like yours.

#10.You accept it all, the good and the bad side of relationship

A healthy relationship is not all sunshine. There are rough times in any relationship so what really matters is your attitude towards those hard times. You need to love your partner despite all flaws and the ugly side of the relationship. Once you’ve established that, realized that you need to hold on to the relationship no matter how bad the times seem, then you can claim to be in the right relationship.

#11.You start your sentences with ‘we’

This is something you would hardly notice even if you’re doing it but, if you’re in the perfect relationship, your sentences would start with ‘we’ instead of ‘I’.

#12.Your life takes the form of a routine

Most couples crave spontaneity when they find their lives settling into conventional routines. Previously, you had your own working hours and then your partying hours followed by your relaxing hours. Now, in relationship, you’ll find your schedule settling with this toally different individual’s schedule in a way that doesn’t even bother you.

#13.Sex is no longer everyday thing

Often this is seen as a sign of downfall in relationship but it really is not about that. When you’re really comfortable with each other, sex lessens as after a tiring day, you fantasy lying together and relaxing. This does not mean that the fire between you two is gone.

#14.You fantasy yourself with this person.

You start picturing your future together and any planning you do, you don’t forget the presence of your partner in it.

#15.You can share anything

As mentioned before, a good relationship is about opening up to each other so if you’re with the right person, you won’t have any hesitation sharing every bit of detail of anything. The awkwardness just isn’t there.

#16.You look for their face in the crowd

When you enter a gathering, the first face you look for is your partners because its suppose to be the face that comforts you.

#17.You start finishing each other’s sentences

Once you attain this level of comfort around each other, you start finishing off each other’s sentences. Its like you can read each other’s minds.

#18.In case of a good news, this is the first person you wish to share with

When you hear a good news, the thought of the first person to share with is very important. This person holds great importance in  your life and that is because they have proved to be genuinely interested in your success.

#19.In case of bad news, you look for this person to share with

Just like in the case of good news, when you hear a bad news, the person you wish to talk about it is very importance since the impression is, they genuinely care about you. Another reason is that you know that this person would listen to all your problems without an ounce of judgement.

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19 Uncomfortable Signs That You Are Actually in the Best Relationship of Your Life