7 Of The Weirdest Couples The World Has Ever Seen

These couples really break all stereotypes.

You must have heard these phrases about love, “love is blind” , “love has no age” or “looks don’t matter in love” , etc.  now these phrases may be true because, now and then, we come across the couples who prove to truly believe in them

There are no specific rules for you per which you would choose a partner or fall in love. Having said that, everyone’s preference of their perfect half is different. However, this lead us toward weird love stories.

here are the 8 couples who will make you see “love” differently. Maybe they were just following all the phrases written about love. You will find out by the end of this article.

Amazon Amanda and Sergio Miranda


The lady you see in this picture is Amanda, a 38 year old model. What makes her different is her tall height which is 6.3 and her gained weight that is more than 270 pounds. She is often being paid by men to fulfil their strange fantasies, like being crushed. One of her customer named Sergio says that he feel empowered around her. The reason is obviously her height and weight.

Tom Robinson And Sue Brearly

A singer and song writer, Tom Robinson claims that hes gay and he’s pretty vocal about LGBT right.

Althought, he says that he’s gay, he has fallen in love with a woman, got married and have kids with her. With all these facts he still claims to be homosexual.

Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci


Remember the phrase, “love has no age”? well, Briatore took it way seriously. Briatore is actually a part of famous circle. He has kids with a supermodel named Heidi Klum. He started dating another supermodel, Elisabetta, that is 30 years younger than him. He is married to her now and claims live a happy life with her.

Anton Kraft and China Bell


Here is the couple that just don’t care about the height difference! Anton, the bodybuilder, is 4 feet 4 inches tall. And her girlfriend, China, transgender model, is 6 feet 3 inch tall. While anton claims that he fell in love with her when he saw he the first time, China says that she fell in love after being showed impressive workout abilities by anton.

Charity Pierce and Tony Sauer


Charity has been the casualty of stoutness for the greater part of her life. She measures an expected 778 pounds. Tony, then again, has no heftiness issues, yet the two are profoundly enamored. Tony isn’t just Charity’s life partner yet he is likewise her overseer. As far back as they got ready for marriage, Charity has lost around 400 and anticipates proceeding with that trip with Tony close by. She’s additionally had different surgeries done with a specific end goal to handle her weight issue as it undermined her wellbeing. They’re presently anticipating getting hitched and Charity wishes to lose much more weight before the wedding.

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool


Yet another example of couple living by the phrase “ love has no age”. Morjorie is 91 year old woman whose dating Kyle Jones, 32 year old man. Such a huge age difference has caused them to face too much criticism. As much as that Marjorie decided to make a public statement about their relationship and she told that Kyle was  her “boy-toy’ and they r happy with their sexual relationship.

Darren Donaghey and Kate Cathcart


We live in a society with a high beauty standard. In this society Darren wasn’t considered as attractive man. But he got attention when he got married to a gorgeous woman, Kate Cathcart.  Darren and Kate have a son together and they claim to be happy with their marriage.


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7 Of The Weirdest Couples The World Has Ever Seen