5 Annoying Things Women Do In front Of Their Men!

If you're a girl reading things, take note please!

Relationship is all about being comfortable with each other however, there are some things that are just off-limits no matter how comfortable the relationship gets. It is true that in the case of true love, the guy falls for the girl’s nature, her personality but, there are certain things that he’ll cringe at no matter how much the comfort level. Let’s take a look at few.

#1.Popping Pimples.

If you’re a girl reading this, you’ll be able to relate with the temptation to pop the pimple that you see on your phone the moment you look in the mirror. Well, you need to resist this temptation in front of your partner because he would not want to see this wildness.

#2.Picking Nose.

Picking nose can be really offensive, irrespective of the gender. But, since we are talking about things that a girl should avoid doing in front of their partner, this one comes right at top of the list. A boy would never want to see his girl picking her nose.

#3.Farting in front of their men.

As natural it is, farting in front of your partner is never cool. It might show comfort level but, your partner wouldn’t like it so its okay to do it once or twice but you mustn’t make it a habit.

#4.Picking Panties

Wedgies are common and they can be really annoying but, you need to know that it’s never okay to pick your panties in front of a guy, specially the one you’re trying to impress. If you must, find a bathroom and fix your underwear but do not do it in front of your guy.

#5.Complaining about periods

Periods are a natural painful process that every girl goes through every month. Guys are very well aware of it and some would even treat their girl friends very nicely during this part of the month but, as a girl you need to know that no guy would be interested in hearing you whine about your periods all day. It is okay to share the pain but, constant whining can really put him off.

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5 Annoying Things Women Do In front Of Their Men!