22 Images Showing Striking Differences Between Single And Married Life

Take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself!

There are many different opinions in our society regarding the people that either decide to get married or stay single. However more than these opinions the only thing that a person should be looking at is their own preference. We all know that there is a sense of sweet freedom attached with being single but getting married has its own amazing advantages. Take a look at these pictures that are showing comparison between two different lifestyles.

When you single your whole salary belongs to you but once you get married you have to share everything including your salary with your significant other.

You tend to lose hair on your head

The messages on your phone change from lovely little texts to basic reminders

A huge difference between married and single men can be seen in this picture

In single life you shop for yourself and buy what you like now there are other opinions involved

When you are single it is necessary to groom yourself but after getting married you just don’t care

Before you had cash to count now the only thing you count is the number of unpaid bills

The difference in your belly size also becomes evident

This picture also shows the difference of unmarried and married life of a couple

Before you had the ride to yourself now you have to share it like every other thing

Difference in your private time

The difference in females before and after getting married

Before the king ruled the kingdom now even he bows to the queen

Your freedom to sleep is lost somewhere along the way

Before you used to do things for each other after getting married you are always at each other

Look at this hilarious comparison I am sure everyone can relate

Before there were a lot of social media requests now you rarely get any

You can’t even dress according to your will

In single life the distance to the left didn’t mean anything after getting married the distance to the left doesn’t feel a lot

Before you called her babe now, just baby

The difference in rules

Single life is party life after getting married you are always too tired

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22 Images Showing Striking Differences Between Single And Married Life