Information about headaches and ways to cure them!

This is what different types of headaches reveal!

Everyone in their lives experience a headache and the best way to solve it is to drink lots of water and eat bananas. But the reality is that this trick might not always work as there are different types of headaches and the doctors often end up misdiagnosing the patient.


Headaches are caused by several different reasons such as dehydration, fatigue, stress or other serious problems and that is why they are of numerous types. Different types of headaches require different treatments and a generalized approach doesn’t work.


A reputed neurologist Dr. Shakib Qureshi said that headaches often act as red-light warning signals and give us information about alarming health situations that is why it is necessary to distinguish common headaches from more serious ones.

That is why instead of immediately taking a pill for headache relief you should check what the headache is telling you about your overall health. There are four major types of headaches that are usually experienced by anyone and they give us different information about the condition of our body. If you know the symptoms of these headaches you will be able to treat them more effectively. Also, instead of taking the painkillers that have some adverse side effects we have included some natural remedies that can help you in getting rid of these headaches.

Sinus Headache

If your sinus is inflated you will experience a headache that is usually called sinus headache. This happens as a result of an infection and during this pain you will also feel a buildup of pressure on your eyes, cheeks and forehead. The sinus headache usually leads to fever too.


In order to effectively get rid of this headache we recommend that you use a lot of warm water as it can help in reducing the inflammation in the sinuses. Vitamin C is also very beneficial in this case because it is antioxidant rich and helps in the fight against infections. We recommend that you eat oranges and drink green tea with lemon. Hot and cold compresses are also very beneficial in this type of pain. Having soup and eating fresh ginger will also reduce pain because they have pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tension Headache

This type of headache is caused by stress because stress can cause contractions in the muscles of scalp and head. It is one of the most common types of headaches and the patient feels constant pain and pressure in the neck, temples and back of their head. This type of headache can lead to vomiting and nausea and the pain might radiate to the lower and upper areas of the eye.


To quickly reduce the pain, you should combine ginger tea with peppermint oil. Ginger tea will help in reducing the inflammation. By applying the peppermint oil to your hairline, you feel a cooling sensation that will relax the muscles in your neck and head.

Cluster Headache

This type of headache is prevalent in females and it usually appears in a cycle or in group. The pain is felt mostly over one eye and this type of headache is often recurring. The cause of this type of pain cannot be specified but when a specific nerve pathway in the base of the brain is activated this pain occurs. The pain is concentrated on one side of the head and it is severe. Runny nose, watery eyes and nasal congestion can also be experienced.


If the cayenne pepper which is an ingredient in the capsaicin cream is applied to the nostril the nerve pain signal is blocked and headache can be treated.


This is one of the most complicated types of headaches and usually occurs in the ages between 25 and 55 but can be experienced by people of other ages too. Only in America it is estimated that 38 million people suffer from migraine. There are many neurological complications involved in this type of headache. The pain is intense throbbing and occurs usually on one side of the head but in some cases, it can be experienced on both sides.

Some other symptoms of migraine include dizziness, visual disturbance, nausea, vomiting, being extremely sensitive to smell, touch, light and sound. Some patients also experience tingling or numbness in the face. These symptoms usually radiate from the top of the head towards bottom.


Magnesium, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids have proven to be helpful in this case. If you want to avoid migraine start consuming these in sufficient amount in your diet. According to a study conducted in 2011 it is proved that aerobic exercises are a strong preventing mechanism that has helped the patients of migraine. Instead of medication we recommend that you should start excising regularly.


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Information about headaches and ways to cure them!