Straight men reveal their hidden desire to swallow their own load!

You'll be amazed by these men crossing all boundaries of 'gross'

When it comes to sex, men and women both come up with their own fantasies and desires. However, men take great lead in having bizarre weird fetishes. There are those who have this desire to have sex in weird places like balcony or even the backseat of a car! Then there are those who have strange desires like keeping socks on during sex and those who’d have weird fetish for feet!
But, you might not see any of this fit under the category of bizarre since every one would have their own definition for this but, today we’re here to tell you about one such fetish that few men revealed which will stop you from thinking twice before placing it under the bizarre section.

So, this weird fetish is, ‘eating your own load’. Yes, you read that right. Some men expressed their desire of trying out their own load which might be the grossest thing some of us ever heard but, well its true.

See for yourself.

Didn’t want to, but eventually did it.

“I’ve licked my own c*m off my wife’s tits before, and out of her p*ssy – but that’s more about the ‘dirty’ factor than me actually desiring the c*m.”

Straight as a beam of Light.

“And I PROMISE I’m not gay, not even a little. There is NOTHING about a guy I find attractive – we’re all blocky and hairy and sh*t… women are so smooth and soft and nice. Gawd…I love me some girls!
I would bet there are more dudes that have thought about sucking a c*ck and/or messing with their own c*m than would EVER admit it.”

“Tell me what to do, baby.”

“Girlfriend mentioned that she would find it hot if I ate my own c*m, so I did. Wasn’t feeling it at all, because nothing is less sexy than the moments after an orgasm, but I powered through it, and it wasn’t that bad (I do eat a LOT of fruit, though)”


The word’s casual.


“I kinda like the smell of it. I have tasted it out of curiosity a couple of times, and I have no problem kissing my girlfriend when her mouth is full of cum, but I don’t crave for it or anything.”


Laziness it to be blamed.

“I did try, only when I am too lazy to go to the bathroom. I don’t stain my semen with anything, so the sink is the only place where you will find mine.”


Curiosity ‘fills’ the cat. male cat.

“I’ve fantasised about drinking my c*m and sucking a c*ck too. I’ve followed through with both recently. Drinking my own c*m didn’t do much for me but giving my friend a bj wasn’t that bad. He finished in my mouth, but I couldn’t swallow it all… I blame his diet. Although the feeling you get of being nasty like that was all the more worth it. It’s like taking a nibble of that forbidden fruit for me because I consider myself straight but tend to be very bicurious.”


It’s good if the spoon’s mine.

“I’m bi, and eat mine more often than not. But never out of my giirlfriend. Not yet.”


‘Mine’ the merrier.

“I do suck on my c*ck though. I can get the head in my mouth and I often c*m in my mouth. I think the reason for this is that I love my c*ck and it turns me on, so sucking on it is just a different way to masturbate for me and eating my c*m just puts me closer to my c*ck than just stroking it.”


Shades of grey.


“Ok. I love eating my own c*m. It usually tastes pretty good to me. Sometimes I do notice it tasting weird, but usually, it tastes nice. I also consider myself straight. I don’t have a problem seeing other guys c*cks, but I have no desire to be with a man or suck another guy c*ck…”

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Straight men reveal their hidden desire to swallow their own load!