The best way to lose weight: Brazilian Diet

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One of the things that Brazilian people are known for is their amazing body and the secret to it lies in their diet. Nicknamed ‘the Brazilian diet’ is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep your body in shape. According to some experts by adopting this diet people can lose up to 12kgs of weight in just one month.

Watch your calories:

It is very important to watch the amount of calories you take in your diet. Although calories are important but you should make sure that the food you are eating does not have a lot of calories.

Portion your meals:

Make sure that you refrain yourself from over eating. It is a good idea that when you design your diet plan properly measure and time your meals and don’t deviate from the plan.

Avoid processed food:

Processed foods are a big no because they contain a lot of hidden fats, sugar and preservatives that can have very damaging effects on your body.

Avoid alcohol:

By consuming alcohol during the Brazilian diet, you will destroy all the progress that you have made so far and you will have to start over again. So, you must avoid alcohol at all cost.

Add more healthy meals to your diet:

Make sure that the plan you are making has a lot of fruits, fish, vegetables, cattle and chicken. Another thing that you should take care of is to drink a lot of water. Water helps with proper digestion of the food and is the second most important part of this diet.

Prioritize meals:

You need to learn what is required by your body and what you are consuming just to satisfy your taste buds. According to the Brazilian diet you should eat to survive and not survive to eat.

8-hour breaks:

It is a good idea to keep an application to keep the track of time because your body needs at least 8 hours of break to digest and process the food that you have consumed. If the break is not taken the results of the diet will be very different from what expected.

Use only beneficial food:

Make sure that you only consume the food that is beneficial for your body otherwise you will become fatter than you were at the beginning of the diet. Avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol and fast food at all costs.


Breakfast: a banana an orange and a glass of orange juice

Lunch: two glasses of orange juice and two slices of toast

Dinner: the same as lunch and orange juice should not contain any other thing than orange


Breakfast: one cup of apple juice

Lunch: two boiled potatoes, four carrots and 100g meat of your preference

Dinner: two hard boiled eggs, 200g of meat (preferably fish), peaks


Breakfast: two cups of milk and one slice of toast

Lunch: cooked rice 100g, lettuce salad 150g

Dinner:2 apples, 5 leaves of lettuce, cooked meat 200g of your choice


Breakfast: two cups pineapple juice and 100g pineapple

Lunch: two small pieces of cheese, two oranges, toast

Dinner: 150g of salad containing carrot, lettuce and lemon juice and three boiled potatoes


Breakfast: small toast, 1 glass apple juice and 2 apples

Lunch: 100g of meat of your choice, 150g fish, 2 carrots freshly cut

Dinner: fish soup 2 bowls, three pieces of bread, 1 bowl vegetable soup


Breakfast: 2 slices of toast and 2 cups of apple juice

Lunch: vegetable soup 1 bowl, mushroom soup mixed with fish along with a loaf of bread

Dinner: 100g of mixed vegetable salad and 100g meat of your choice


Sunday is a bit relaxed and you can have a little fast food of your own choice but make sure that you don’t go overboard. If you want to follow the diet plan follow Saturday’s plan.

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The best way to lose weight: Brazilian Diet