The truth about your relation revealed by the body language

If you didn't already know, you need to learn this now.

People don’t usually realize the importance of body language but it can reveal a lot of information about the personality of the person of the relationship between two people. There is a whole science behind interpretation of body language of people that most of us usually ignore. According to a pat on the top of your back is often considered friendly and encouraging. On the other hand, according to cosmopolitan if a person touches the lower part of your back they are romantically interested in you.

Body language can also reveal interesting information about you and your partner. You might think that you are in a great relationship but the body language of your partner might indicate otherwise.

Here are a few signs that will help you in understanding your relationship with your partner at a deeper level. Check these out!

Emphatic eye contact:

In an article published in it is stated that if someone is really interested in you they will try to maintain eye contact for as long as possible. Extended eye contact is a great sign of feelings and although girls try to be more subtle about it boys usually try to maintain eye contact for longer period of time.


The feet:

The positioning of foot plays a very important role in determining if someone is really interested in you or not according to if the feet of the person standing or sitting in front of you are pointed towards you, then it means that the person is really interested in you.

Close proximity:

Have you ever noticed the distance between you and your partner while having any casual conversation? If not then you should. Because according to the closeness between two people if a very strong identification of how emotionally invested they are in to you.


Tilt of the head:

Another important body language that indicates a person’s liking towards you is to notice the classical head tilt. If during a conversation a person tilts his head then it means that they are very interested in you as well as the conversation that has been going on.


Publicly displaying affection:

Holding hands while walking and during dinner is also a very public display of affection and shows that the other person is really into you. Although according to an article written in Glamour holding hands for the whole dinner is really awkward but still it is a very cute and affectionate gesture and shows how emotionally invested the other person is into you.


Being funny:

In an article published in Psychology Today it is stated that one of the huge plus factors in any relationship is humor. If you like someone and you have the ability to make them laugh then you are definitely in their good books. One of the most clear signs to check if someone is interested in you is to check if they look at you to see if you are laughing when they make a joke in a group.



According to if a guy has his big masculine smile focused at you he is clearly into you. Another way to know this is while taking photos if the guy is smiling when he is with you then he is very interested in you.



The last and probably the most important body language that can tell you a few things about your relationship is the posture. When a girl walks into the room and the guy straightens up his posture than it is a clear indication that he is into you. If a slouching guy straightens up and stands tall and nice then it is a sign that he is interested in you according to


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The truth about your relation revealed by the body language