A girl gets accused of getting into Yale Med School because of ‘white privilege’.

The US, among all countries, has been seriously facing the problem of ‘white culture’ where white people are given favors since decades now but, if a deserving person gets accused of using this privilege then people do lose their minds.

This is what happened when a girl posted a status of her getting into Yale med School to which, while most people congratulated her and wished her success for her future endeavors, one friend commented that she got into Yale because of ‘white privilege’.

This girl made sure she puts her down by clearly using the term ‘white privilege’ and using claps emoji afterwards, as a sarcastic clap.

The ‘soon-to-be Yale student defended her accomplishment brilliantly. She explained her hardships and the hard-work she put into carving her way to reach the point she is at right now.

In her reply she told Melissa, the girl who tried to put her down, that she grew up in a foster home. Her parents were alcoholic. She wrote, ‘‘Melissa, I grew up in a foster home. Both my parents were alcoholics and gave me up when I was five’’,

She also mentioned that she not only took care of herself but also, her younger brother of 2 years age. They were adopted but after getting abused by the new family, they had to go back to the orphanage for another 2 years.’

Despite the hardships, she still managed to not only score good grades but also got into a decent college and even get scholarships to help her complete her studies.

She says, ‘’I spent long nights studying and working part-time in high school just to support myself and my brother’’
she mentions the sacrifices she had to do, the price she had to pay to reach the point where she is now. She mentions her late night studies when she could be partying like the teens of her age.


After all this, instead of apologizing for the ridiculous comment, Melissa came up with another comment taking one step further in what she was doing before. She says ‘Umm okay sweetie, you claim to understand privilege but you can’t even self-critique, buh bye.’
The people, on the other hand, extended their support to the ‘privileged’ girl by congratulating her on her big success


Jenny Lundt, a Colgate University sophomore, got a lot of appraisal for posting a candid, showing how she was able to carry a sword around a campus while a black student was accused of carrying a life threatening weapon when he was only carrying glue gun around the college. The two pictures clearly depicted the true ‘white privilege’. The picture was shared the same day after a lockdown and it showed Jenny posing with a sword in her hand with a caption at top, ‘THIS is what white privilege looks like’

This picture was a clear illustration of ‘white privilege’.

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A girl gets accused of getting into Yale Med School because of ‘white privilege’.