How Was Puppy Abandoned In Box Outside School? Humanity Still Exists!

No matter whether there is a crowd of human beings or the animals. Each single of them has the equal rights in the society. All deserve humanity.

Animals do have a right to be treated equally in this world society. But sometimes this small fact of equality is not being understood in the mindset of some of the individuals. Recently a story of a puppy went so much viral over the internet ground. This story was about the puppy who was abandoned in a box who was outside the school with the saddest note in it. It shows, humanity still exist!

Story About Puppy Abandoned In Box Outside School With The Saddest Note:

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It was one of the evening days in the school of Detroit, Michigan. It was an off time of the school and the school building was being cleaned by the janitor. Suddenly he heard a knock done on the door. As he checked out from the window, he did saw a boy who was running away from the school. He opened the door and found a cardboard box with a handwritten note taped to it. The note was written in favor of the dog as the dog was not having any home to live and it was cold outside, so the probably left it in school with the thank you gesture at the end.

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As the janitor opened the box, it had the tiny and much afraid looking puppy.

The janitor took the box to one of the teachers of the school who had a great love for the dogs. The teacher took care of the puppy and give him the name of “Snowflake”. But the teacher did not keep the puppy with them for a long time. They get into contact with the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. This organization does work for the injured and homeless dogs and hence she did arrange for rescuers to take Snowflake into their care.

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The puppy was very adorable and cute looking. The boy had done a good gesture of leaving it out of the school as he wanted the small puppy to have a good life. The teacher did not contact the organization again but she was sure of the fact that they would be taking good care of the puppy.

The box in which the puppy arrived was also having a blanket for the puppy. It was also included in the dog food with some slices. The boy did even poke the box with some holes so that the puppy can easily breathe.

At present Snowflake was about the age of 7 years and few months. So he was not ready to leave the box because he did find it secure and protective. Sumpter, the teacher did allow him to stay in the box until and unless he was not comfortable to move out himself.  Snowflake was much fond of the box as like to stay in it all the time.

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Snowflake is not in the foster care of upbringing as she has not been adopted by anyone right now. No one knows the story of the dogs. So it is important for us to provide them with the best protection until and unless someone would adopt them.

If no one is ready to adopt the Snowflake, then Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue will make sure she finds the best possible home. But till now, Snowflake is enjoying the best moments of her life all with her foster family. There are some of the big dogs who love to do mothering with the Snowflake.

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How Was Puppy Abandoned In Box Outside School? Humanity Still Exists!